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Smithsonian Takes a Look at the World’s Most Interesting Insects


By Jessica Stewart on July 20, 2020

Representing 80% of all animal species, insects are some of the most abundant animals on Earth. And yet, there is so much that your average person doesn’t know about these fascinating creatures. Thankfully, Smithsonian has taken it upon itself to highlight some of the most fascinating examples of these colorful animals with the Smithsonian Handbook of Interesting Insects.

Each insect was selected from the 34 million specimens located in London’s Natural History Museum. Over one hundred of the most significant bugs were chosen to get a full photographic layout accompanied by a short description. The book was curated by entomologists Gavin Broad, Blanca Huertas, Ashley Kirk-Spriggs, and Dmitry Telnov, who worked tirelessly to showcase a wide range of interesting insects.

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