Avarua, Cook Islands
Identification request
Unusual Musca domestica?

Hello Dipterists

I photographed several flies on Pukapuka in 2004 with this unusual abdominal pattern. Since then I have not encountered it anywhere and I still cannot find it on the web.

I would be most grateful if you could confirm it is Musca domestica, and give an explanation for the unusual abdominal pattern.

Many thanks for your support.




Hi Gerald, a response from Russell Cox, Australian Museum

Hi Grahame,

Again, would need the specimen for positive ID but most probably not Muscidae but Sarcophagidae: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesh_fly

Flesh flies do have amazingly different abdominal patterns; the grey and black stripes on the scutum are typical of Sarcophagidae but some Tachinidae and Muscidae show a similar pattern. Also, most Muscidae have wing veins R4+5 parallel to vein M1; whereas this specimen has them converging.


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