Dhaka, Bangladesh
Identification request
Identification of attached insect
I collected insect from rice field in Bangladesh. I found only pupal stage at rice roots. Rice field was damaged but we did not know which insect caused it. However, when I uprooted rice plants I found some pupae attached with rice roots (attached pics). I brought them to my lab and kept them in petridish to emerge adult. Today I got adults (attached here). Can you know the name of this insect. Thanks for sharing the information about the attached insects.



Hi Dr MD Panna Ali,

Your fly photos are a bit dark and hard to see clearly but I think you may have reared out some flies belonging to family Ephydridae. Quite possibly they are a species of Hydrellia, some of which are known to attack rice. See some info at the following webpage:


Kind regards,

Graham Teakle

Canberra, Australia


Dear MD Panna Ali

Your submission was sent to Russell Cox, Australian Museum, and he kindly sent this message:

The pupae and environmental images are great but the adult fly images are too poor to identify properly; if lighter, clearer, images of lateral, dorsal and ventral habitus views can be obtained I can take the identification further.

The double costal break, plumose arista, distinct lappet with bristle all signify family Ephydridae.

There are several pest species of this family associated with rice: Hydrellia griseolaNotiphila riparia and Notiphila sekiyai.

It is definitely not Atherigona: Muscidae, which is a pest species on the shoots (not roots) of rice.