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IDphy: molecular and morphological identification of Phytophthora based on the types


ITP collaborators: S&T Beltsville Laboratory, Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management, and World Phytophthora Collection

Authors: Z. Gloria Abad, Treena Burgess, John Bienapfl, Amanda J. Redford, Michael Coffey, Leandra Knight
Available at:

USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine’s Identification Technology Program (ITP) and the S&T Beltsville Lab are pleased to announce the release of IDphy: molecular and morphological identification of Phytopthora based on the types, ITP’s first pathogen tool. Some species of Phytoph­thora are devastating plant pathogens that have a significant impact in agriculture or natu­ral ecosystems. Phytophthora are challenging organisms to identify, and it is not uncommon to find sequences from misidentified speci­mens. IDphy was developed to facilitate accu­rate and efficient identification to species for the genus, using the type specimens from the original descriptions wherever possible. This website aims to offer PPQ and its partners the most complete, valid, and up-to-date resource for identifying the species of Phytophthora that have been described as of May 2018.

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 IDphy can be accessed at:

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