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invitation to participate in MSc student survey on Coconut rhinoceros beetle

Hi everyone,  

Can I ask you to do something simple to help me in my research?

I am conducting an online survey that will contribute to the degree of Master of Science under the supervision of Dr Sarah Mansfield (Adjunct Senior Lecturer) and Mike Bowie (Senior Tutor) at Lincoln University, New Zealand. I am hoping you can help me by completing this online survey. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and your responses will not be identified with you in any way.  

Coconut is an essential crop in Pacific societies, contributing to food security, nutrition, employment and income generation. The scarab beetle Oryctes rhinoceros, commonly known as coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB) is a significant pest of coconut palms,  reducing coconut productivity and sometimes killing the palm. Proper management approaches are needed to protect coconut palms from CRB.  

 From this research we aim to develop a unified method of assessing CRB damage. This survey will help us test the response of observers (survey participants) to three different damage scales: binary, a 3-point, and a 5-point damage scale. This will help us to identify which scale is most consistent and can provide reliable results when used repeatedly to detect the severity of  damage and damage over time. Your participation will contribute to developing damage assessment protocols for CRB on coconut palms and will support the ongoing efforts to manage invasive CRB populations in the Pacific.  

 The survey is online here, which I have confirmed is a safe link: 

Note: this link works best in Chrome.  

For further queries please contact me via the contact details. 

Thank you very much for your help.  

Balanama (Bala) Asigau

MSc Candidate

 Bio-Protection Research Center

Room 617

6th Floor, Burns Building

Lincoln, 7647, Christchurch

New Zealand

 Lincoln University, Te Whare Wanaka o Aoraki

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