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Date: Sat 10 Nov 2017
Source: The Wire [edited]
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Farmers from Banda district of Uttar Pradesh put on record the
destruction of their entire paddy crop due to a disease, which broke
out after Diwali [19 Oct 2017]. Many of them were small and marginal
farmers. [They] demanded that the additional district magistrate (ADM)
take cognisance of this and give compensation.

The farmers claim that the paddy crop was attacked by what is locally
known as the papaha disease, which has been a destructive element in
the area for decades. The ADM, S.L. Sonkar, said that there will be an
investigation into the cause of crop failure and the disease.

[Byline: Khabar Lahariya]
Communicated by:

["Papaha" appears to be a local name for a tip burn and leaf drying
condition of rice. It had been noted in India and elsewhere in the
region since as early as 1914. There is disagreement on its possible
cause which has been reported as either fungi of genus _Bipolaris_ or
environmental stress factors at various times. The initial leaf tip
necrosis progresses to lead to wilting and death of the whole plant.
The condition is said to spread rapidly and thought to be favoured by
water remaining stagnant in the fields for more than two weeks.

A range of pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, viruses and
nematodes, have been reported to affect rice crops in the region, some
of which may lead to symptoms resembling tip burn. However, some
physiological disorders (such as nutrient deficiencies or toxicities)
may lead to similar symptoms, so that tip burn due to different causes
may occur in different areas.

In the case above, the sudden onset and fast progression of the
symptoms, followed by total loss of the harvest, would suggest an
infectious disease, rather than a physiological disorder which likely
would have led to a less drastic effect within the given time frame.
Reliable diagnosis of the cause and/or pathogen(s) associated with the
problems above is essential before any management strategies can be

India (with states):
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Uttar Pradesh districts:
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Tip burn symptoms on rice due to unknown cause:
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Tip burn due to _Bipolaris leersiae_ via:
< search/ JP8301104>
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