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Coconut Finschhafen disorder (280)
Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds
Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds


  • Narrow distrubtion. In Papua New Guinea only. On coconut, oil palm and betel nut. A major disorder of coconut and a threat to oil palm. Caused by the feeding of a  planthopper.
  • Eggs are laid on leaves and petioles. Adults, 16-18 mm, with distinctive wing spots.
  • The feeding of the planthopper causes premature ageing of older leaves, starting at the tips, moving towards the petioles, followed by death. The symptoms gradually spread upwards. Nuts fall. Spread in plantations is slow and patchy.
  • Natural enemies: wasp parasitoids.
  • Cultural control: tolerant varieties are unknown.
  • Chemical control: use synthetic pyrethroids, but whether this is economic is not known.

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