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Coconut seedling basal stem break (069)
Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds
Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds


  • Narrow distribution. East Africa, Solomon Islands. Hosts are coconuts and grasses.
  • In the nursery: older leaves die early, white fungal threads and toadstools grow between leaves and seednut. Root decay. In the field: root decay causes little-leaf but, later, palms recover (Solomon Islands). In East Africa, bole rots and death occurs.
  • Spread by spores; East Africa, root-to-root contact, wounds.
  • Impact uncertain: only one outbreak in Solomon Islands. In East Africa, the situation became confused when a lethal phytoplasma disease was reported from the same area, challenging the fungal nature of the disease.
  • Cultural control: in nursery: weed; spacing (>1m).
  • Chemical control: trim nuts, drench in tridemorph.

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