Sydney NSW, Australia
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The new Pestnet system - close to happening

Dear Everyone

Just to let you know that we are doing all we can to get the new system up and running and out to you all as quickly as possible. Matt Taylor of Indentic and colleagues has done a great job in designing the system, and we are testing it now. Some of you have kindly offered to help.

It's quite complex as it combines operating PestNet using an app on tablet or phone, or using a computer to go directly to the server or to receive emails. Much of the code for the software has been newly written, so it's been a tremendous job.

While Matt has been managing all that, I have been posting about 500 Submissions taken from Yahoogroups for the last 6 months so there is content there for you to see when we go live. 

We hope you will be pleased with the change, and all the problems using Yahoogroups will be things of the past. Hopefully, everything will be ready in September.

Please keep the posts coming during this change over; it has become very quiet. 

We hope you are all there still and just waiting for a better PestNet!

Best wishes to you all



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