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10/28/2020 9:05:16 AM -

Oryctes rhinoceros nudivirus (OrNV) is a dsDNA virus which has been used as a biocontrol agent to suppress Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros) in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Recently a new wave of O. rhinocerosincursions in …

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9/18/2020 10:50:42 AM -


Invasive beetle could lead to local extinction of the region's only native gymnosperm

September 16, 2020
University of Guam
Researchers have documented what …
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7/4/2018 3:17:47 PM -
From [Cococnut-L]
Eder Ramos Hernández , Miguel Alberto Magaña Alejandro, Carlos Fredy Ortiz García , Carlos Oropeza Salín , Julia María Lesher Gordillo & Saúl Sánchez Soto (2018) The coconut pathosystem: …
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7/3/2018 9:00:54 AM -

Deccan chronicle

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The caterpillar attack on coconut palms has posed a threat to the farmers, especially in the …

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7/3/2018 8:32:56 AM -

Solomon Islanders are facing a bleak future as the coconut rhinoceros beetle marches across its fertile plains, killing their "tree of life" …

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6/30/2018 10:29:25 AM -

A ProMED-mail post <> ProMED-mail is a program of the International Society for Infectious Diseases <> Date: Tue 24 Apr 2018 Source: FreshPlaza [edited] <http://www. …

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6/7/2019 3:11:59 PM -

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this question on behalf of Kimi Afeaki, Farm Manager of Tinopai Farm in Tonga.

"We were processing coconut flesh when I came across this on the inside of the coconut under the brown skin. The outer shell …

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7/8/2018 10:46:11 AM -

Dear Collegues,

This coconut problem was observed from only two plants in a backyard farm of a farmer in the northern side of Fiji (dry zone area). Almost all the nuts are affected with this white powdery appearance. The powder has a sticky …

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7/6/2018 3:04:55 PM -

Dear Pestnetters,

Can anyone help me id the disease attached please.

Toloi Vasuidreketi Plant Protection Koronivia Research Station Fiji

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Found: 'coconut' and inferring: 'coconuts'
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