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7/16/2021 11:34:00 AM -

The Conversation

When you pick up the perfect apple in the supermarket it’s easy to forget that plants get sick just like we do. A more realistic view might come from a walk outside during summer: try to find a leaf without a speck, spot or blemish. …

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12/8/2019 5:52:32 AM -


by American Phytopathological Society When a plant senses an invading pathogen, it activates a molecular signaling cascade that switch on its defense …

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8/26/2019 9:44:10 AM -


Understanding how plant resistance proteins trigger cell death could lead to strategies for engineering disease resistance in crops

Colorado State University
Summary: …
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8/23/2019 7:50:38 AM -

By Chrissy Sexton staff writer

An international team of researchers has taken an inventory of the monitoring tools that are used by plants to detect harmful …

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