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Fighting the insect apocalypse with hotels, flowers and dead tree


By: Nancy BazilchukDag-Inge Danielsen

The news is full of stories about how the world’s insects are disappearing, whether from pollution, climate change, habitat losses or a combination of all three. But there are simple measures that people can use to fight back.

insects may be as bothersome as mosquitoes or as wondrous as honey bees, but whether small and troublesome or big and useful, insects across the globe are in trouble.

In recognition of alarming reports worldwide, Norwegian authorities last summer put into place a National Pollinator Strategy to monitor Norway’s insect populations.

But the average person can also do something about insect decline, experts say, even if they don’t have a big back yard or a farm at their disposal.

These actions can be as simple as making certain you don’t remove all dead wood from your yard, or something a little more involved, like building or buying an insect hotel.

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