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Brown marmorated stink bugs arrive in the UK and pose threat to crops

Natural History Museum

The brown marmorated stink bug has arrived in the UK, threatening fruit and vegetable crops during summer and heading inside people's homes during winter.

One of the first stink bugs to be identified was caught in the Museum's wildlife garden at South Kensington by Museum scientists .

Native to China, Japan and Korea, brown marmorated stink bugs are fast-breeding insects that come in various shades of brown and grow up to 1.7 centimetres. They get their name from the foul smell they exude when they feel threatened.

During the summer, these pesky pests feast on fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes and sweetcorn by piercing the surface and sucking out the juice. They distort the produce and leave behind rotting spots and blemishes which can make the plant inedible or unsellable.

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