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ID fingerprint technology detects specific pests, helps farmers reduce reliance on chemicals


Landline / By Courtney Wilson
Hi-tech trapping is helping growers to home in on invasive pests and reduce reliance on chemicals.

The technological fly trap uses the same fingerprint ID as a smartphone to detect specific pests and was designed to help manage Australian fruit fly.

The device uses a traditional lure to attract the fruit fly into the chamber, but it's what happens when the pest insect is inside that sets it apart from a typical fly trap.

Nancy Schellhorn, chief executive of Rapid Aim, the company behind the sensing trap says as the insect entered the traps it interacts with sensors.

"And it's the insect's size, shape and behaviour that we then write algorithms to identify and detect it to know whether it's what we're interested in, or separate it out for the insects that enter the device that we don't care about," she said.

"The information is streamed then in real time to the grower to their mobile app, so they can see exactly what's happening with pests on their farm."

Technology beating pests

David De Paoli uses the sensor trapping system on his chilli farm in Bundaberg, Queensland.

 "I love technology," Mr De Paoli said.

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