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Chemotherapy, thermotherapy and cryotherapy: New Zealand scientists unveil innovative methods to eradicate PVS, PVA, and PVM viruses

A research study conducted by scientists in New Zealand has developed a reliable and efficient method for eradicating Potato Virus S (PVS), Potato Virus A (PVA), and Potato Virus M (PVM) from infected in vitro-grown potato shoots. These viruses are known to significantly impact the yield and quality of potatoes, and current eradication methods have proven to be challenging.

The research study was published in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science here, titled “Eradication of Potato Virus S, Potato Virus A, and Potato Virus M From Infected in vitro-Grown Potato Shoots Using in vitro Therapies“.

Chemotherapy and cryotherapy

The researchers focused on in vitro-based techniques, which have been used in the past to eradi

cate viruses in potato plants. They found that combining two or more of these techniques can lead to more effective virus eradication than using a single technique.

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