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Morocco to Provide Biofriendly Pest Control

Morocco World News

By Hajare El Khaldi

Rabat-Biological pest control group, Biobest, announced the launch of its new, EUR 1.2 million “state-of-the-art” facility, which will boost Morocco’s aphid biocontrol capacity, on April 24.

Aiming to satisfy the strong demand for zero-residue products and tackle the rising problem of pesticide resistance, the Belgium-based company fully equipped the 2,000 square-meter vertical livestock facility with air-conditioned rooms, thus preparing to ensure a “flexible” and “reliable” supply to its customers.

“Aphids remain one of the most challenging pests to control with biological methods,” declared Biobest, which offers producers around the world a full range of “natural enemies” for agricultural pest problems, as well as the necessary technical advice for a successful pests control.

While synthetic chemical pesticides are effective in protecting crops, they have proven to cause acute and chronic health effects, in addition to upsetting the natural equilibrium of agricultural systems and the environment.  

Biobest provides an alternative solution that uses microbial biopesticides to work against certain pests without harming other organisms.

“The success of biocontrol against aphids does not depend on a miracle product, we recommend strategies that combine different aids in an effective way,” says Biobest sales manager, Marc Mertens, “the midge Aphidoletes has an important role to play, given its great predatory ability, since its effectively gets rid of emerging aphid infestations. It forms a powerful tandem with different parasitoid wasp species. We continue to work in expanding our range of solutions, and our consultants know how to help producers best combine the most effective IPM solutions in different crops and climates.”

This project is expected to reinforce the company’s position as a leading supplier for integrated pest management solutions in Morocco and to underline the Moroccan franchise’s role within the global production network, asserted the managing director of Biobest Morocco, Karim Jerate.  

Founded in 1987, Biobest offers biofriendly solutions to producers in more than 60 countries, Through its subsidiaries, the company has productions sites, sales personnel, and technical support strategically located around the world for efficient global service.

“With several production sites around the globe, our goal is to offer a flexible response capability to producers in different parts of the world. Our Moroccan team has done a remarkable job completing the construction of this new production plant on time and according to the required specifications,” said Biobest Chief Operating Officer, Karel Blockmans.


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