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Date: Mon 8 Jan 2018
Source: The New Nation [edited]
< news/160604/potato-growers- worried-as-farming--facing-- setback--in-rangpur.html>

Potato growers of Rangpur are worried as the vegetable is facing
serious setback due to severe attack of late blight disease. Potato
cultivators of the region alleged that they gave their best efforts to
get expected yield. But potato fields at different areas have been
affected [and] the disease is gradually turning acute across the
region. [It] occurred mainly due to severe cold and foggy weather.

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Rangpur said officials have
been given instructions which medicine to use and how to apply them
appropriately to combat the adverse situation.
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[Potato late blight (PLB) is caused by the fungus-like organism
(oomycete) _Phytophthora infestans_ and can cause 100 per cent crop
loss. The pathogen can also affect tomato and some other solanaceous
crops. In potato, it affects leaves as well as tubers; in tomato, it
causes lesions and rotting of leaves, stems and fruits. The disease is
favoured by cool, moist conditions. It can spread rapidly within a
crop and destroy it within a few days. Under favourable conditions,
epidemics in tomatoes may be even more rapid than in potatoes.

PLB is spread by plant material (including plant debris and volunteer
crop plants), mechanical means (including human and insect
activities), wind and water. Disease management requires an integrated
approach and may include removal of pathogen reservoirs, crop
rotation, preventive fungicide treatments of planting material and
fungicide sprays of crops. Farm-saved or uncertified seed tubers have
often been reported as sources of PLB outbreaks and seed tuber
certification schemes have been set up in many countries. Clean
planting stock and management strategies for fungicide resistance of
the pathogen are vital..

Development of resistant cultivars is being counteracted by the
adaptability of the pathogen. Late blight is considered an increasing
problem worldwide with new strains emerging frequently.

In Bangladesh and the region, PLB outbreaks have been an annual
occurrence (see previous ProMED-mail posts in the archive) which
suggests that preventative measures are not used effectively.

< oneworld/map/bangladesh_map2. htm>
Bangladesh divisions:
< File:Bangladesh_divisions_ english.png>
Bangladesh districts:
< images/bangladesh-map.jpg>

Late blight on potato:
< images/ exblightfieldwithinsert.jpg> and
< com/81/281344513_74bbffe5fe.. jpg>
PLB resistant vs. susceptible potato varieties:
< gfx/news/2013/keepingpacew.jpg >
Late blight on tomato:
< volume15/images/tomato_late_ blight.jpg>

Additional news stories:
< article/31906/fog-causes-late- blight-in-potato-farmlands>
<http://today. country/potato-growers-take-a- hit-from-late-blight-disease- in-rangpur-1514995904>
Information on late blight:
<http://vegetablemdonline. Potato_LateBlt.htm>,
< edcenter/intropp/lessons/ fungi/Oomycetes/Pages/ LateBlight.aspx>,
< Courses/Arable/Potato-pests- and-diseases/Potatoes- Understanding-blight>
< research/pp/pestanddisease/ blightepidemiologyandpopulatio nbiology>
PLB disease cycle:
Late blight information and resources via:
<https://research.cip.cgiar. org/confluence/display/ GILBWEB/Home> and
_P. infestans_ taxonomy:
< Names/NamesRecord.asp? RecordID=232148>
 - Mod.DHA

A HealthMap/ProMED-mail map can be accessed at:
< p/153>.]

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