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Crop robot capable of identifying plant disease at an early stage

Horticulture Week

29 May 2018, by Gavin McEwan

A robot which is said by its makers to be able to give growers a wide range of information on crops - including plant disease identification - is being assessed for the annual GreenTech show innovation award.

The IRIS! Scout robot has been developed by a partnership between three specialist glasshouse horticulture companies, the Dutch companies Metazet FormFlex and Micothon, and the Canadian company Ecoation which specialises in crop disease detection.

The robot can record the number of fruits and their colour, give a crop forecast and information about the climate and the environment in the greenhouse, and can even recognize diseases, pests, deficiencies and other deviations in crops at an early stage, its developers say. 

This can bring savings in labour and plant protection products as well as boosting yields.

The product is being assessed for the Concept Award which will be presented during the GreenTech 2018 exhibition which takes place on 12-14 June at RAI in Amsterdam.


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