Avarua Cook Islands
Identification request
Mosquito on Rarotonga

Kia orana dipterists.

Our known Culicidae are: Aedes aegypti, A. polynesiensis, A. nocturnus; and Culex annulirostris and C. quinquefasciatus.

This specimen seems to be a new species. I will be most appreciative of an identification so we can find out more about its behaviour.

Many thanks, Gerald


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Gerald, please see the message from Greg Devine below. 

We’d like to help if we can. We’re part of a mosquito surveillance project in the Pacific (only just started) and it would be good to encourage Pacific countries to update their inventories. It is hard to do ID on specimens that have no scales left. If Gerald wants to get in touch we can try and help out by doing barcoding on specimens in this condition. Or have a look at photographs of fresh material.

Gregor Devine,
Mosquito Control Laboratory,
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute,

Many thanks Greg. The three initial specimens all lacked scales which I assumed was "normal". As a result of you comment we have been back to the site three times and caught a lot more and most have scales and they are all Aedes vexans nocturnus. How the initial specimens lost their scales I have no idea - very strange. We are interested in your Pacific project and I'll email you for more info. Gerald