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FAO e-Agriculture Newsletter issue 2

There's an interesting article here about use of ICTs to fight the fall armyworm. Scroll down, and click on "read more" or go to

Focus on #HackAgainstHunger

#HackAgainstHunger is organized by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with a goal to identify and support innovative solutions to address challenges around food and agriculture.

The #HackAgainstHunger is a tripartite event with two regional hackathons in Kigali, Rwanda and two simultaneous events in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago - the two respective events are happening this February.

The winners in the regional events will be selected to attend the WSIS Forum 2018 -Special Track Hackathon. Participants in this hackathon seek to develop innovative digital solutions to assure food security and end hunger in middle-and lower-income countries.   + READ MORE

Berlin Agriculture Minister's Conference committed to ICTs in agriculture..

The Berlin Agriculture Ministers' conference held in Germany under the auspices of the 10th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (which was organised by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture) affirmed to the role of ICT technologies as an important tool to agriculture, for example in improving water-use efficiency. 

Can ICTs be used to fight pests’ outbreaks (for example Fall Armyworm?)

Sub-Saharan Africa is dealing with the Fall Armyworm (FAW) which attacked mostly the maize crop. Other known pests that have caused similar havoc in agriculture include, locusts, army worm, fruit flies, banana diseases,and wheat rusts, amongst many others. This article focuses on how ICTs have been used to help the fight against pests and diseases.READ MORE

FAO Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa nominated for WSIS Prize 2018
FAO Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa has been nominated to the WSIS Prizes 2018. We are inviting your vote for the project to win. To vote one needs to register on the WSIS Prize page and thereafter cast their vote. The Deadline for voting is 18 February 2018 and the cut off time is 23:00 CEST+ READ MORE 

African Union embraces drone technology for agriculture

African Union published a  Decision EX . CL/Dec. 986-1007 (XXXII), that requests Member States to harness drones for agriculture as one of three emerging technologies of relevance for African development.


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