Koror, Palau
Identification request
Bean pod sucking bug?

Can anyone confirm for me that these are bean pod sucking bugs (Riptortus sp.)? The adults are about 1.5 cm. long; the nymphs are smaller and resemble black ants. When the adults fly they sound like wasps - gave me a scare the first time I saw them. They are giving me a lot of trouble with long beans (Vigna sesquipedalis), causing immature pods to shrivel and fail to mature. I have found that a chili pepper/garlic spray appears to give some control, but we have been having a lot of rain, so the spray keeps getting washed off.  I apologize for the quality of the photo: it is the best I could do with my cell phone. (tentative ID from PestNet factsheet #18 .. thank you!)



Hi Joel,

I'd agree with your diagnosis of Riptortus sp. (Alydidae). Unfortunately I don't have any handy hints for controlling them though. Good luck!