Vaini, Tonga
Identification request
Unknown Mushroom

Appreciate anyone identify these unknown mushroom grown on decomposed wet plywood. I love edible mushroom, and I do not have the knowledge about different types of mushroom.

Qs, Angel Wings mushroom or Summer Oyster mushroom???

Thank you very much.

Sione Foliaki



Dear Sione

My advice is DO NOT eat it. There are similar fungi that are poisonous. The ghost fungus for one, and another is that angel wing you mention. Definitely do not eat it.

I will try to find an expert to help.

BTW is it luminous at night. 


Dear Sione

I have a message from Tom May, Principal Research Scientist (Mycology), Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria for you.

Tom wrote:

"It is not possible from the photo to identify the species with certainty. There are indeed some edible species of large, pale mushrooms that grow on wood in the region such as Pleurotus djamor and Lentinus sajor-caju - but there are also toxic species such as Omphalotus nidiformis. Hopefully one day there will be a more thorough inventory of fungi across the tropics, and field guides to assist in making identifications with confidence!"

I hope that helps, even though an exact id was not possible. But at least it confirms that you must not eat it!



Good morning Grahame,

Thank you so much. Yes, my wife warned myself NOT TO TOUCH THESE BEAUTY.

Unfortunately, I did not closely observed these mushroom growth at the eves or during the nights, to see if their is any glow. I will do it tonight.

Sione Foliaki