Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Identification request
Disease? in coconut

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this question on behalf of Kimi Afeaki, Farm Manager of Tinopai Farm in Tonga.

"We were processing coconut flesh when I came across this on the inside of the coconut under the brown skin. The outer shell and coconut were normal and the water inside was still excellent quality. There was no sign of any insects (unless they were too small to see)."

What could this be, and should we be concerned / do anything about it? 
Many thanks,




Dear Monica

So if I have it right, you are saying that the rot was against the shell as if a crack had occurred in the shell and something had entered and caused a rot but had not penetrated the meat (endosperm) and affected the 'milk'. I am attaching a diagram of the nut.

I have not seen this before, but I would not be surprised it occurs if the nut fell from a great height onto a hard surface.

What I have seen and commonly is Marasmiellus inoderma rotting the embryo as it germinates and entering the cavity. It can be up to 50% in Malayan Dwarfs in some Pacific islands. 

I'll send your photo around to see if it's known by others.